Preparing for Kindergarten

When do children begin preparing for kindergarten? It may surprise you to know that children are preparing for kindergarten from the time they are born. Babies’ brains are growing and learning through every day interactions with people and things.

There are four key ways that you can help your child be ready for kindergarten.

  • Talk, read and sing to your child often. This helps your child build vocabulary and understand speech patterns.

  • Help your child understand the world around him. Share your child’s excitement about the things he is learning every day.

  • Teach your child how to label her emotions and how to express them appropriately. You can do this through your actions and words.

  • Be crazy about your child. Your child’s ability to confidently go into new situations, including kindergarten, is based in a secure, unconditional, loving relationship with the adults in a child’s life.


A great resource to learn how you can help your child be ready for kindergarten, beginning at birth, is ZERO TO THREE’S: Getting Ready for School Begins at Birth: How to help your child learn in the early years.