This week, George Floyd was laid to rest. We grieve the death of George Floyd and countless other people who lost their lives due to hundreds of years of injustice for black people in America. We know that members of our communities who are African-American, Latino, and Native American experience trauma and injustice in so many ways, every day, including disproportionate sickness and death as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 


We join the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in condemning this injustice, and committing to “talking about, confronting, and responding to racism in our homes, neighborhoods, communities and schools.”


Our babies are our future. As early childhood educators, First Start Partnerships for Children and Families shares responsibility with families, schools and communities in preparing children for a world better than the one in which they were born. That world must be more inclusive, and value the dignity and worth of each individual child, parent and other family member. NAEYC’s Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education position statement aims for each child to “express comfort and joy with human diversity; to increasingly recognize injustice; and to have the will and the skills to act against prejudice.”


Our children inspire us to do better. George Floyd inspires us to do better. They are our hope – and we are their hope. We will work together with all of our staff, families, and communities to learn more, do more, and be more. Please join us. 


Gladys Leon – Board President

Dr. Annette Searfoss – President & CEO


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