Conscious Discipline Mini-Conference

Our first annual Our Babies, Our Future Conference was a success! Thank you to our staff that participated as well as the staff from Waynesboro Daycare Center, Sue James, Janice Dalton(Buds of Promise Daycare) and Brittany Smith (Waynesboro Area School District)

Attendees received an introduction to Conscious Discipline. We hope attendees will continue their learning and add to the toolbox of Conscious Discipline techniques that were provided to them during the conference. Continue to apply knowledge of brain development to facilitate children’s learning, social emotional development and self-regulation. It was two days filled with information about our youngest learners and how to build those connections with them.  


Keynote Speaker

This year’s Keynote was Amy Speidel from Conscious Discipline. Amy’s passion for Conscious Discipline and her energy kept the attendees engaged and wanting to learn more. Attendees learned how to weave connections into the daily fabric of school life and how to send the message of unconditional love and enhance children’s social, emotional, and school success.


Breakout Sessions

Attendees had the opportunity to attend breakout sessions throughout the two day conference. They learned about the Power of Guidance, The Impact of Trauma on Early Childhood Development, how to use an assertive voice without yelling, and talked about Early Intervention. Thank you to all of our speakers that gave their time and expertise to make our conference a success.



We hope you enjoyed the conference!

We ended our conference with a song, remember what you do for children and families is truly amazing.

You Are Heart

You are heart. You are hands.

You are the voice of kindness. 

And who you are, and all you do

Is a gift to the world.


We can’t wait for Our Babies, Our Future 2020!!