Read, Play, Sing. Everyday.


During the first 3 years of life, talking and playing with children can build social and emotional readiness for school.

We encourage parents to read, play and sing everyday with their children.



Video Resources


Tip Sheets

Bonding with your baby  (English  Spanish)

Activity Calendars  (English  Spanish)

Ten ways to be a better Dad (English  Spanish)

Managing your finances (English  Spanish)

Parenting your school-age child  (English  Spanish)

Building resilience in children and teens  (English   Spanish) 

Managing stress   (English    Spanish) 

Dealing with temper tantrums  (English   Spanish)

Teen parents…you’re not alone  (English  Spanish)

Connecting with your teen  (English   Spanish)

Protective Factors

Click here to walk through real life scenarios that illustrate how multiple protective factors support and strengthen families who are experiencing stress.

Over the Rainbow Children’s Advocacy Center provides a safe child-friendly place for children and their families to receive services that help to restore hope and provide healing from child abuse.

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